The Ultimate Guide to Layering Lingerie: Mixing, Matching & Styling for a Perfect Look

Lingerie isn't just a hidden layer. It's a delightful, sexy statement of who you are. For our loyal customers familiar with our lingerie styles, this is your comprehensive lingerie guide to elevate your game.

  1. Fun with Lingerie Colors:

Dive into the art of color coordination:

-One-color layering lingerie: A dark red bra with a light red panty? A classic yet bold combo.

-Next-door color combos: Colors that are neighbors, like pink and purple, can redefine your lingerie styles.

-Bold, opposite colors: Contrast with shades like blue and orange for a sizzling effect.


  1. Lingerie Texture Play:

Textures can turn the ordinary into extraordinary:

- & Lace: The go-to combo in any lingerie guide. Smooth silk with detailed lace is timeless.

-Mesh & Satin: Airy mesh and shiny satin: a mixing lingerie favorite.

-Cotton & Velvet: When you want both comfort and luxury, mix cotton with velvet.

  1. Mixing Lingerie Styles:

Matchy-matchy is great, but so is mixing:

-High-waist + Bralettes: A hint of vintage flair.

-Thongs + Full-Cup Bras: Balance is everything.


  1. Styling Bodysuits with Everyday Wear:

Bodysuits are versatile and can effortlessly transition from intimate wear to a chic outer layer:

-Under Jeans or Skirts: Tuck a lace bodysuit into high-waisted jeans or a skirt for a sleek look.

-With Sheer Tops: Wear a printed or solid bodysuit under a sheer blouse, letting the bodysuit design peek through.

-Layering: In colder months, bodysuits can act as a warm base layer under jackets or cardigans.


  1. Prints in the Mix:

Unleash the power of patterns:

-Printed Bodysuits: A patterned bodysuit paired with a solid bra or panty can be the centerpiece.

-Prints & Solids: Let a printed bra steal the show with a solid panty.


  1. Lingerie for Every Occasion:

Tailor your choices to your plans:

-Everyday: Cotton panties and a lace bralette are your everyday best friends.

-Date Night Ready: Go for bold with matching sets.

-Special Events: Corsets or garters can be the cherry on top.



The world of lingerie is vast and versatile. With this guide, explore the myriad of lingerie styles and ace the art of layering. Whether it's under or over, make your lingerie the star of the show.