Lingerie Care 101: Preserving Delicate Elegance

Want your lingerie to last and look good? Here's a simple guide to care for those special pieces.

1. Hand Wash When You Can:

  • Soft and Simple: Wash lingerie by hand. It's gentler than a machine and helps them last longer.

  • Cold is Cool: Use cold water. It's better for the colors and the fabric.



2. Picking the Right Soap:

  • Go Gentle: Use a mild soap made for delicate items. Regular soaps can be too strong.

  • Skip Softeners: They can wear out the stretchy parts faster.


3. If You Must Use a Machine:

  • Bag It: Put your lingerie in mesh bags to stop them from getting tangled.

  • Easy Does It: Use the machine's gentle cycle and a slow spin.


Drying the Right Way:

  • Shade is Better: Sunlight can fade the colors. Dry in the shade.

  • No Machines: Don't use a dryer. Lay them flat on a towel instead.


5. Storing Smartly:

  • Keep the Shape: Store bras without folding them in half. This keeps their shape.

  • Not Too Tight: Give them some room in the drawer. They'll last longer.


6. Mix It Up:

  • Change Often: Wear different pieces each time, so they all last longer.


7. Extra Care for Special Ones:

  • Silk and Lace: Always wash these by hand and dry flat.

  • For Wired Bras: Check for any sticking out wires. They can rip the fabric.



Taking care of your lingerie is easy. With these simple steps, they'll look good and last longer. Every time you wear them, they'll feel just as special!