How Fashion Magazines Shape Lingerie Trends

The world of fashion, with its ever-changing dynamics, has seen fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle stand tall as the ultimate style gurus. In particular, their role in the evolution of lingerie trends has been monumental, as they spotlight emerging brands and set the sartorial tone for intimate wear globally.

Historical Overview of Lingerie Trends in Fashion Magazines

From their earliest days, these iconic publications have served as trendsetters. When Vogue emerged in 1892, it initially catered to high society, detailing their fashion choices. But as it evolved, so did its focus, zeroing in on every fashion facet, notably lingerie.

Spotlighting Lingerie Brands: From Savage x Fenty to Classics

These fashion powerhouses don't just recognize brands; they make them. A prime example is Vogue's feature on Rihanna's lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty. Highlighting its groundbreaking inclusive approach, Vogue not only celebrated the brand but set a new standard for lingerie trends, pushing for diversity and inclusivity.

Pregnant Rihanna covers Vogue's May 2022 issue in lace catsuit

Cultural Impact: How Magazines Shape Lingerie Aesthetics

Over the decades, publications like Elle and Vogue have been at the forefront of defining aesthetic and cultural lingerie norms. In the 90s and early 2000s, the heroin chic look became the rage, advocating for delicate lingerie pieces. This aesthetic shift, heavily featured in these magazines, contrasted greatly with the voluptuous designs of the 50s. Moreover, with the rise of body positivity, these magazines have championed lingerie trends that celebrate all body types.

Lingerie's Global Influence: Trends Across Borders

Fashion is global, and so is lingerie. Publications such as Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar have been instrumental in blending regional lingerie styles, be it the sophistication of French lingerie or the artistry of Japanese undergarments, and presenting them to a global audience.

Lingerie Inspiration from Runway Trends | Marie Claire Australia

The Role of Digital Fashion Media in Modern Lingerie Trends

While traditional magazines have long been trendsetters, the digital fashion media landscape, especially platforms like Instagram and YouTube, has become increasingly influential. Modern lingerie trends often sprout from a viral Instagram post or a popular YouTube haul before being validated in the glossy pages of Vogue or Elle. This synergy ensures that while traditional fashion magazines shape lingerie trends, they are also in sync with digital age dynamics.


Fashion magazines, from their iconic print versions to their dynamic online avatars, continue to dictate and define global lingerie trends. From the corsets of yesteryears to today's body-positive designs, these magazines remain an unrivaled force in the sartorial world, especially when it comes to intimate wear. If you're seeking the pulse of lingerie fashion, a peek into the pages of Vogue or Elle is all you need.