Fashion Icons and Their Lingerie Choices: A Historical Dive into Lingerie Trends

Lingerie, often viewed as an integral component of personal style and a powerful emblem of femininity, has evolved in remarkable ways over the decades. Much of this evolution can be attributed to trailblazing fashion icons who, with their distinctive choices, have left indelible marks on lingerie trends.

Marilyn Monroe, the timeless beauty of the 1950s, was renowned for embracing structured bras, high-waist panties, and girdles. These weren’t just wardrobe staples but statements that defined an entire generation. With her influence, the bullet bra trend became ubiquitous, and the hourglass silhouette was the gold standard of beauty. Monroe's influence underscored the idea that lingerie could be both functional and a powerful tool to enhance one's natural allure.

The audacious Madonna entered the scene in the 1990s, redefining lingerie fashion. The cone bra, a collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier, wasn't just an item of clothing but a statement of rebellion and empowerment. Madonna's daring choices shifted lingerie from the realm of the concealed to the spotlight, making it a centerpiece of fashion discussions and encouraging women globally to embrace their sensuality more openly.

On the other side of the spectrum in the same decade was Kate Moss. Her minimalist approach to lingerie, encompassing slip dresses and lace-trimmed camisoles, emphasized natural beauty and comfort. Moss's influence was profound; she championed the idea that simplicity could be sensual, and that lingerie didn't always need to be bold to make a statement.

Dita Von Teese's fascination with the past gave the fashion world a rich palette of vintage glamour. Every corset, garter belt, and ornate bra she donned showcased the craftsmanship and romantic allure of bygone eras. Through her, many rediscovered the intricate details and timeless beauty that classic lingerie pieces brought to the table.

In contemporary times, Rihanna has emerged as a vanguard of change with Savage x Fenty. By emphasizing diversity and inclusivity, she’s challenged traditional beauty standards. Rihanna's contribution is monumental: she's broadened the definition of beauty and ensured that lingerie fashion is an inclusive space where every body type and skin tone feels celebrated.


From Monroe's structured pieces that defined the '50s to Rihanna's push for modern inclusivity, each of these fashion icons has shaped the way lingerie is perceived and celebrated. Their influences are testimonies to the evolving dialogues on femininity, body positivity, and personal expression. As the lingerie industry continues to evolve, it's these legacies that will guide its future, ensuring it remains a space of empowerment, beauty, and continuous reinvention.